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The Systems Thinking Playbook

by Linda Booth Sweeney and Dennis Meadows (2001). The Systems Thinking Playbook has become a favorite of K-12 teachers, university faculty, and organizational consultants. The book provides 30 short gaming exercises, classified by areas of learning Mental Models, Team Learning, Systems Thinking, Shared Vision, and Personal Mastery. The companion DVD shows the authors illustrating good practice introducing and running the 30 games. The DVD is available separately for those who already own the book. The book is available through Chelsea Green Publishers. For an educators discount, contact me:

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When a Butterfly Sneezes

by Linda Booth Sweeney (2001), Pegasus Communications.
A Guide for Helping Kids Explore Interconnections in Our World Through Favorite Stories. This book highlights 12 favorite childrens stories that illustrate key systems thinking principles, and shows you how to use these stories with children of all ages. Each chapter focuses on one favorite picture book and reveals the systems principles inherent in the story, general points for discussion, illustrations of key concepts, and questions to spark conversation for both younger and older readers. Purchase

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Connected Wisdom: Living Stories about Living Systems

by Linda Booth Sweeney (2008). How do we learn to live sustainably or within the means of nature? Through this book, readers from 10 to 110 explore, through 12 timeless folktales and modern examples, how the laws that guide living systems can also guide how we live and learn. The book was designed by renowned graphic artist Milton Glaser, recipient of the National Medal of the Arts, and illustrated by award-winning artist Guy Billout. To purchase, contact Chelsea Green Publishers. There is a CD as well.

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The Climate Change Playbook

22 Systems Thinking Games for More Effective Communication about Climate Change. By Linda Booth Sweeney, Dennis Meadows and Gillian Martin-Mehers (Chelsea Green 2016). These simple, interactive exercises in The Climate Change Playbook can help citizens better understand climate change, diagnose its causes, anticipate its future consequences, and effect constructive change. Purchase

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PBS Systems Literacy Collection

Working with Ted Sicker at PBS Learning Media, we launched a pilot Systems Literacy collection for students in grades K-12. The current collection includes six PBS resources that have been repurposed to teach about complex systems.

The collection also includes two short videos:

What is a system?

To learn more about collection, watch the Becoming Systems Literate webinar recording As part of this effort, hosting a SYSTEMS LITERACY google hangout, sponsored by WGBH. Come join in a conversation with others who are looking to foster understanding of complex systems in K-12 and beyond.

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