Linda Booth Sweeney


“As corporate trainers and authors of books for trainers, we keep a lookout for quality and innovation in our field. The Systems Thinking Playbook is a handy three-ring binder filled with interactive lessons that breathe life into systems theory. These clear lesson plans make sometimes intimidating concepts accessible and can inspire course designers to strike off in their own creative directions. If any part of your job includes helping people function in groups or organizations, you should keep The Systems Thinking Playbook within easy reach.”

Bill Withers and Keami D. Lewis
Collingswood, New Jersey

Learning About Systems:

Experiential Exercises

Simple, group games can be a wonderfully effective way to learn basic systems thinking concepts. Games give us the chance to become students of our own behavior, and to have some fun while we’re at it. Through games, we can learn about how complex systems behave, and we have the chance to make “mistakes” without great consequence.
Download: The Harvest Game

system games

The Systems Thinking Playbook
(Vol I-III) has become a favorite of K-12 teachers, university faculty, and organizational consultants. The book offers 30 short gaming exercises, classified by areas of learning – Mental Models, Team Learning, Systems Thinking, Shared Vision, and Personal Mastery. The companion DVD shows the authors illustrating good practice in introducing and running the 30 games.