Linda Booth Sweeney


“‘When a Butterfly Sneezes’ is a first of a kind book on this subject and at this level. It offers parents, teachers and teacher educator's a practical means for introducing systems to young minds. I will use this book in teacher education courses and recommend it highly to others.”

Janice Kowalczyk
teacher (Middletown, RI)

Learning About Systems:

Folktales & Children’s Stories

Much of the wisdom we need to understand the living systems around us resides in the stories passed down from one generation to the next. I’ve found profound insights about how living systems work in modern picture and chapter books as well as in the age-old wisdom of the ancient Greeks, early Africans, fifth century Chinese philosophers, the Buddhist and Native American traditions, and other indigenous cultures. In many ways, our challenge is remembering what we already know.

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system stories

Connected Wisdom is a unique collection of world folktales adapted to illuminate the principles of living systems.
Chelsea Green

When a Butterfly Sneezes

Highlights 12 favorite children’s stories that illustrate key systems thinking principles, and shows you how to use these stories with children of all ages.