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“Linda Booth Sweeney is a ‘systems artist’ who unmasks key systems in every change story. She is able to capture these dynamics in causal loop diagrams that illuminate intended and unintended effects. Her coaching around this work results in participants identifying upstream problems and pursuing more focused solutions. In addition, she has created a series of systems action games that allow participants to come to understand these constructs through their bodies and their minds.”

Mak Mitchell
Director of Policy and Planning,
Empowerment Schools
New York City Department of Education

Working with Systems

Given the complex and highly interdependent nature of most work settings, even the most brilliant leaders can benefit from opportunities to reflect on and more effectively work with the systemic nature of their professional and personal environments.

Dr. Booth Sweeney works with organizational leaders, educators, and students to custom design programs that foster systems thinking capabilities in themselves and in their organizations.

Core Offerings for Working with Systems

For Organizational Leaders and Teams

Introduction to Systems Thinking: Experiential introduction to the principles of living systems and the fundamental concepts and tools of systems thinking.

Leadership Development: Sequenced, long-term programs geared to helping leaders develop their own personal insights about the nature of the complex and interdependent world around them and to helping others achieve these insights as well.

Applied Systems Thinking: A custom designed program to target current, critical issues or systems redesign challenges (using systems concepts and tools).

Making Systems Visible: Beginner to advanced workshops and seminars focused on methods and tools for making systems visible.

For Educators

Applied Systems Thinking for Administrators and Staff Developers: Learn how to use systems thinking in efforts to facilitate adult learning, improved team learning, more effective decision making, and more systemic school design. Learning opportunities include workshops, residencies, online learning, and distance coaching.

Applied Systems Thinking for Educators: Learn how to incorporate systems thinking into K-12 curriculum. This work is typically done in partnership with one or more of these organizations: The Creative Learning Exchange, the Waters Foundation, and The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education. Educators are exposed to integrated strategies including systems tools, exemplars, student work analysis, and pedagogical frameworks for ongoing innovation in teaching and learning in schools.

Sample workshops:
Systems + Literacy:
Lessons from the Aesops. Workshop or week-long residency program to foster systems literacy through age-old folktales and modern picture books. (For pre-K-4, grades 5-8, or grades 9-12). Teachers will be guided through a five-step process for helping students to “think about systems” while improving reading comprehension and other literacy skills.

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Young people are watching. They’re worrying. From climate change to our current pandemic, adults don’t seem to have the answers. How can we support young people to look to the other side of the hardship and disruption they're experiencing now, to feel confident that they can solve complex problems and innovate their way to healthier futures? Whole-systems learning - experiential opportunities to improve our ability to see, understand and work with interdependent systems -- may be one answer.