“Systems thinking for kids”

Leaning into Complexity: Young Leaders of Systems Change

Young people are watching. They’re worrying. From climate change to our current pandemic, adults don’t seem to have the answers. How can we support young people to look to the other side of the hardship and disruption they’re experiencing now, to feel confident that they can solve complex problems and innovate their way to healthier futures? Whole-systems learning – experiential opportunities to improve our ability to see, understand and work with interdependent systems — may be one answer.

All Systems Go! Becoming a “Systems-Smart” Generation

Try this: Find a young person between the ages of four and twenty-four. Show them a picture of a cow and ask, “If you cut a cow in half, do you get two cows?” Even the four-year-old will shout, “No way!” Children understand that a cow has certain parts—hearts, lungs, legs, brain, and more—that belong …

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